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DAS Repair Group

We strive to provide a range of assistance to support gamers including building custom computers, giving them access to private gaming and streaming rooms, and repair or maintenance services for consoles and desktops.

Shop Computers

Need a laptop or desktop for business or day-to-day use? We offer a curated selection of laptops and desktops!

Need a computer? We offer prebuild gaming computers that are rigorously tested and ready to play!

Want more power? We also offer a custom gaming computer building experience where we are guide you through every step of the process.


Computer and Console Repair

Is your desktop, laptop, or gaming console broken? Come to us to have it fixed; this is how we started and what we are known for! We specialize in physical damage repair.


If you have a broken port, hinge, or your computer just isn't working right, then come see us to have it repair before paying for a new device!

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