Mail In Repairs

Please fill out the mail in form and read the information below before sending us your device for repair.


Please read the following information to answer any questions you may have about mail in repairs. If you have any additional questions, please send us an email. You can find our contact information on our Contact Us page.

Mail In Process

Fill out the form and ship your device to us. We will complete a diagnostic and contact you with a quote to receive approval for the repair. Upon repair completion, we will ship your device once we receive payment for the repair invoice.


Once we receive your device we will add it to our device queue. Diagnostics are typically completed in one - two (1-2) day(s) and are completed based upon your position in the device queue. Our diagnostic costs $40.


Ship your device to our address as follows:
DAS Repair Group
50 Purnell Pl

Manchester, CT


Rush Service

We charge a $40 fee to receive expedited service. This gives priority status for all labor that we complete. You will be placed in the priority device queue. This $40 cost does not cover any additional costs for expedited shipping. Please tell us if you would like to purchase expedited shipping. 

Repair Refusal

We offer free return ground shipping for mail in repairs. however in the situation where the repair is refused, we will charge $20-$40 for return shipping depending on the weight and size of the device. If the device is a larger item with a shipping cost greater than $40, then we will charge you the extra cost to return the device. A repair is refused under two conditions, either though a direct, explicit refusal, or if two weeks have passed and neither refusal nor approval is given for the repair. 


You will have thirty (30) days to pay for services rendered and/or any shipping costs once the repair has been completed or quote refused. Non-payment will result in your device being considered abandoned and we will attempt to sell the device to recoup any losses